Labour and Employment

Regularly appearing at the Industrial Court in trade disputes for multiple clients across various sectors. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Regularly advising foreign multinational clients on all aspects of local labour law including hiring, discipline, performance management, termination and compensation. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Advising several clients on off-duty misconduct of employees including cases where such conduct led to charges for criminal offences being laid in Trinidad. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Acting as instructing attorney in a successful appeal to the Court of Appeal from a judgment of the Industrial Court which awarded exceptionally high legal costs against an unsuccessful employer party and in which the Court of Appeal for the first time set out the criteria for the award of legal costs by the Industrial Court. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Advising a financial services employer, formed through the amalgamation of two companies, on the proposed merger of the two pension plans originally established by the predecessor companies which involved advising on safeguards for plan surpluses in the original plans and regulatory approvals. [Jeffrey Herrera]

Advising multiple clients on the various  impacts and consequences of inter-group restructurings on employment arrangements and preparing the relevant legal documents. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Advising an international equipment supplier and trader on arrangements for posting to a Trinidad and Tobago entity certain personnel already employed by affiliates abroad, some of whom were engaged specifically for international assignments and some of whom were engaged for local employment only but would be temporarily assigned to the Trinidad and Tobago entity. [Jeffrey Herrera]

Advising multiple employer clients on the negotiation and settlement of separation packages with employees and preparing the supporting legal documents. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Compiling a detailed Trinidad and Tobago HSE compliance register relating to multiple contracts and legislation, including among others the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Environmental Management Act and the Petroleum Act for an international upstream oil and gas operator. [Jeffrey Herrera, Jon Paul Mouttet]

Representing and successfully defending an internationally known oil service provider before the Industriual Court against a claim for wrongful dismissal relating to the use of prohibited substances while off duty. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Advising an upstream oil and gas operator with respect to the requirements under the Occupational Safety and Health Act with respect to an incident that took place on an offshore rig, including advising on correspondence with the OSH Agency. [Jeffrey Herrera, Jon Paul Mouttet]

Advising multiple clients on retrenchment exercises and preparing the supporting legal documents. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Advising the local subsidiary of a US based industrial operator on multiple legal issues under the Occupational Safety and Health Act including how to determine the legal classifications of the various groups that owed statutory duties, the extent of those duties and the legal underpinnings of the concept of “control”. [Jon Paul Mouttet]

Representing various clients in negotiations and  conciliation exercises before Mediators, the Ministry of Labour and the Industrial Court. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Guiding and advising an onshore oil and gas operator in executing disciplinary proceedings in accordance with good industrial relations practice with respect to multiple employees purported to be involved in improper activity. [Jeffrey Herrera, Jon Paul Mouttet]

Representing multiple clients before the Registration and Certification Board relating to applications brought by Trade-Unions for certification. [Vishma Jaisingh]

Advising upstream petroleum operators and service providers on the drafting, preparation and enforceability of employee drug policies. [Jeffrey Herrera, Jon Paul Mouttet]