Intellectual Property

Assisted in the registration of a number of Certification Marks at the local Intellectual Property Office and drafting documents in support of the applications, including the regulations for use of the Marks. [Olive Ramchand]

Conducting trade mark audit for a major multinational pharmaceutical company and advising on the consequential change of proprietorship and other proprietor details. [Olive Ramchand]

Advising as IP expert in major litigation involving claims of passing off and unfair competition between two major beverage producers. [Olive Ramchand]

Advising as IP expert and conducting multiple trade mark opposition proceedings against a major beverage producer. [Olive Ramchand, Colin Kangaloo, Nadia Kangaloo]

Participating in a global assignment of trade marks from a major pharmaceutical company. [Olive Ramchand]

Investigating and commencing legal proceedings against a number of local importers/sellers of counterfeit products involving the goods of a major producer of industrial and commercial chemicals. [Olive Ramchand]

Advising a major clothing/footwear/sports equipment producer on customs enforcement and criminal prosecution for counterfeit goods. [Olive Ramchand]

Advising on and implementing a specialized strategy for worldwide applications for a major multinational company. [Olive Ramchand]

Advising on patent infringement for a major pharmaceutical company involving the Customs Division; Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division and the Standards Bureau of Trinidad and Tobago. [Olive Ramchand]

Advising on and initiating legal proceedings against parties importing and selling counterfeit industrial machinery used in the local oil and gas industry involving trademark as well as patent infringement. [Olive Ramchand]